Community Monkey

Enterprise Management for Communities

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  • Directory Monkey

    Create your own local directory, a network of affiliates or display community listings. It enables to acquire a wealth of accessible data, manage the network and make money selling listings, add-ons and advertising.

  • Discussion Forum

    Develop direct contact with your members and potential members and be better informed about their needs, wants and general interests. It is a fantastic tool to swap ideas, create meaningful relationships and generate a sense of belonging.

  • Collab

    Share documents, encourage teamwork and create efficiencies without juggling multiple applications. This allows users to communicate in synchronous manner, no matter what device they are using and where they are in the world.

  • Email Marketing

    Run fundraise campaigns, develop new memberships and engage with stakeholders (for better management of your community). It lets you connect with a variety of stakeholders who have different interests, whether it’s donors or volunteers, board members or staff members.  

  • Membership Management

    Get yourself out from managing memberships manually through Excel and Outlook. It allows organizations to manage, communicate and grow their member base, and gain member satisfaction.

  • Appointment Management

    Save time, increase appointments and have well organized calendar. It allows to book appointments online 24/7 and sends automated text once the appointment is confirmed.

  • E-commerce

    Develop your own online store to sell goods or services and expand your geographical and customer reach. It allows customers to shop at the convenience and comfort of their homes, any time of the day or night while increasing sales and decreasing costs of the business.

  • Social Monkey

    Drive awareness for a cause, cultivate donor relationships, promote events and open two-way communication through a single social dashboard. In a competitive environment where NFPs are competing for donations, awareness and ways to proactively engage their audiences, social media presence is essential.

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